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I started this company so that I can not only make high-end home decor, but I can also teach others how to do it! Stop in at the Meadville location and look through a variety of surfaces and designs so you can start making a new piece for your home. Not finding what you want? Work with me for a custom made project and I will design and build something that you will love for years to come. Schedule a party to have the whole place to yourself! If you’re not feeling the creative bug for the day, take a look through craft supplies that are stocked in the shop and make your projects at home. I can also custom order specific items for you to complete your crafting needs. There will also be classes offered for anyone to join.

Georgette Bennett

Owner & Creator
Who am I? Well, I am a crazy woman who loves to create things from scratch! After I’ve made my creation, I then like to show others how to make it. Where has this taken me? To a whole new adventure in my life. I’ve packed my retail mgmt bags and moved to self-employment. I want to chalk the walls of America and grow a tribe of chalkers with me.
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All we need to know is which unfinished surface you would like to start with. You don't pick your design until you show up for your class.

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come and paint

Get ready to get crafty! Come in, make yourself comfortable, bring drinks & snacks if you like, and start chalkin!


The Chalk Shop is where you can use your imagination and get crafty! No experience necessary!