The Chalk Shop

The Chalk Shop is where you can use your imagination and get crafty in endless ways! No experience necessary!

The possibilities are endless and we are constantly creating new ways for our customers to express their artistic nature and colorful imaginations in new and innovative ways. From our new and exciting ‘Splatter Room’ to DIY workshops, from private parties to custom woodwork and designs — you name it! When it comes to crafts and custom artwork, we are the place to be! We hope to see you with us, whether in-store or online – thank you!

Splatter Room

Enjoy our BRAND NEW Splatter Room! Get ready to get messy! Book your 45-minute session and unleash your inner Jackson Pollock!

Want even more fun? Opt for the blacklight session and watch your paints glow!

Each attendee will also receive a poncho, goggles, booties, and shower cap.

Please note: some of your clothing and shoes could be exposed to paint splashing so please do not wear items of clothing or jewelry that you would be concerned with paint getting on them. We do offer take-home shirts (additional charge) that can become its own canvas that serves as protection from the chaos, as well! Thank you for understanding! 

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Murder Mystery Dinner & Craft - Independence Slay

Amelia and Otto Towne have relocated from the UK to the United States for their jobs. Since it’s summer, and they want to make friends with the crazy Yankees, they decide to throw an American-style 4th of July backyard barbecue (no matter what day it really is). They buy the biggest, baddest grill they can find, stock up on hamburgers, and hire their new neighbor Jason Burgezz, a professional “Grillmeister,” to turn out all the expected charred delicacies. They invite their neighbors and co-workers—including YOU—to come on over.

At the party, a big crowd gathers around the grill. Everyone wants something special cooked just for them. The Grillmeister gets more and more irritated, then finally snaps, throws down the spatula and heads into the air-conditioned house to cool off. The party goes on. Suddenly, there is an alarm. Someone has found the Grillmeister dead—with a skewer in his heart. Only the hosts and guests have been in the house. One of them, maybe YOU, committed the ghastly crime—but WHO?

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16" Round Wooden Door Hanger

Customize your own door hanger! You can come paint it yourself in the shop, or place a special order for us to make.

Mason Jar Kit

Mason Jar Cutout with your choice of transfer, 3 packs of paste, and a squeegee.

Not sure where to begin? Contact us today!

We have many different projects ranging from wooden signs, to pillow covers, to chunky blankets, and also private parties!”

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The Chalk Shop is where you can use your imagination and get crafty! No experience necessary!